The Benefits of Learning to Play Musical Instruments

Have you ever tried to imagine what life would be like without music? It is quite a challenging thought, as music becomes a part of us as human beings even before birth. It is wired into our very existence and we often look to music as a source of comfort, exhilaration, or relaxation.

While there are most of us that look to music purely to listen to it, fewer of the human population attempt to play musical instruments. This talent is usually instilled into us as kids, if our parents wanted us to go to musical classes, or sometimes it often is something that we easily ignore – due to time and effort in our daily lives.

If you are one of those people that has gone about life without learning to play a musical instrument, you will be glad to know that it is never too late to do so. We believe that learning to play an instrument isn’t purely for you to say you can read music and play a piano – there are many more hidden benefits to this,  that you wouldn’t have dreamed of before:

Increase your brain memory and activity

Research shows that listening to music as well as playing a musical instrument increases the capacity of your memory. It is said to stimulate the brain and improves your spatial-temporal skills when you play instruments such as the piano. According to the Telegraph Magazine “New research suggests that regularly playing an instrument changes the shape and power of the brain and may be used in therapy to improve cognitive skills.”

Look forward to a relaxed and stress-free life

Playing a musical instrument also relieves stress, due to your heart rate and blood pressure lowering while you play. When this is lowered, your stress hormone cortisol is also lowered, thus making us feel relaxed. This also improves your level of patience and concentration.

Naturally improve your social life

Music helps you connect with yourself as well as with friends and family. Your social circle is naturally enhanced as you meet new people with the same hobby as you. This can be at music lessons or shows. If you are learning to play an orchestral instrument, you will naturally get to know all the people in the orchestra if you begin to play at concerts. By learning important skills such as working as a team, you will appreciate the rewards that come with such a hobby.

Take a deep breath, get inspired and learn to play a musical instrument, stimulating your mental and social health.